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The web is a gift

Engels | 28-12-2023 | 144 pages



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Belgium-based agency Wieni delivers digital products that people actually need, use and love. In doing so, Wieni honours one important ethos: they want to leave the web a better place than it was when they arrived. To achieve this goal, Wieni holds on to 11 key principles – in this book, you’ll find out what those are all about. For example: "The uglier the baby, the better" - About how you should look at the first drafts of your work when you start sharing it. Don’t let yourself get lost in cosmetic details, but look at the key features and evaluate them from a user’s point of view. "Do your best to do as little as possible" - About prioritising simplicity and doing one thing exceptionally well. And how to avoid too many bells and whistles. "Think beyond the deadline" - The web lives on forever. So keep the concept of eternity in mind. In 'The Web is a Gift' Wieni shares everything they’ve learned over the past years: about the way they work, about the people they hire, about the work they do, about putting people before technology. The result is a truly inspiring book for individual web professionals, key people in organisations with digital ambitions, or leaders of digital teams.


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Uitgever :Luster Uitgeverij
Verschijningsdatum :  28-12-2023
Formaat :Hardback
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