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God Inc I & II

Engels | 26-10-2020 | 320 pages



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In the summer of 1990, Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer bought a camper van and spent a year travelling across the United States to capture the American religious experience. Published in 1992, the series - which was exhibited at the California Museum of Photography in San Diego - was called God Inc.

Thirty years later, he has revisited the American Bible Belt and various other states to see how religious groups embrace modern life and the latest technologies in their search for new followers.

The result, God Inc. I & II, is a fascinating documentary of American life that bundles both series of photographs. The first part is supplemented with photographs that were not published before.


Religieus Amerika door de lens van een Magnumfotograaf


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    Publicatiedatum :  26-10-2020
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