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Engels | 22-12-2023 | 336 pagina's


Paperback / softback

€ 20,95

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A Waterstones Best Book of 2023 'Brilliant - a must read' Tim Spector 'Ravenous is a truly important book ... we need a food revolution to ensure children don't go hungry, eat right, and reach their potential' Tom Kerridge The food system is no longer simply a means of sustenance. It is one of the most successful, most innovative and most destructive industries on earth. It sustains us, but it is also killing us. Diet-related disease is now the biggest cause of preventable illness and death in the developed world - far worse than smoking. The environmental damage done by the food system is also changing climate patterns and degrading the earth, risking our food security. In Ravenous, Henry Dimbleby takes us behind the scenes to reveal the mechanisms that act together to shape the modern diet - and therefore the world. He explains not just why the food system is leading us into disaster, but what can be done about it.


EAN :9781800816527
Uitgever :Veltman Distributie Import Books
Publicatie datum :  22-12-2023
Uitvoering :Paperback / softback
common.Language :Engels
Hoogte :199 mm
Breedte :131 mm
Dikte :23 mm
Gewicht :268 gr
Status : Bestelbaar
Aantal pagina's :336