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A Refiner's Fire

Engels | 29-05-2024 | 384 pagina's


Paperback / softback

€ 22,95

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Commissario Guido Brunetti returns with a gripping and powerful case about the murkiness of power and a test of loyalties When two teenage gangs are arrested after clashing violently in one of Venice’s campi, the son of a local hero is implicated. But when Commissario Guido Brunetti is asked by a wealthy foreigner to vet this man, Monforte, for a job, he discovers that Monforte might not be such a hero after all. This seeming contradiction, and a brutal attack on one of Brunetti’s colleagues by a possible gang member, concentrate Brunetti’s attentions. Soon, he discovers the sordid hypocrisy surrounding Monforte’s past, culminating in a fiery meeting of two gangs and a final opportunity for redemption. A Refiner’s Fire is Donna Leon at her very best: an elegant, sophisticated storyteller whose indelible characters become richer with each book, and who constantly interrogates the ambiguity between moral and legal justice.


EAN :9781529154375
Uitgever :Veltman Distributie Import Books
Publicatie datum :  29-05-2024
Uitvoering :Paperback / softback
common.Language :Engels
Hoogte :235 mm
Breedte :153 mm
Dikte :25 mm
Gewicht :357 gr
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Aantal pagina's :384
Reeks :  Commissario Brunetti