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Flip Thinking

Engels | 20-02-2023 | 320 pages


Paperback / softback

€ 25,95

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'Transformative... Flip Thinking beautifully illustrates how a person who can turn a negative into a positive can never be defeated' - Greg McKeown, podcaster and bestselling author of Essentialism and Effortless Imagine this: you've got a great idea, and all you hear are the yes-buts. "Yes, but that's been tried before, and it didn't work." "Yes, but shouldn't we just let it sit for a while?" "Yes, but what if it doesn't work..." Stop saying "yes, but..." to life, and to start saying "yes, and..." This international bestseller introduces the power of flip thinking to transform stuck-in-the-mud, pessimistic 'yes, but' thinking into an inventive, curious 'yes, and' mindset. Berthold Gunster presents his fifteen flip thinking strategies that will transform your thinking away from limitations and threats and towards possibilities and opportunities. From disrupting (turn all the rules upside down), to flaunting (play up what you want to hide), and importing (get the enemy on board) to amplifying (focus on what works, and do more of that) Gunster's strategies and stories will have you approaching even the most challenging problems, at work, home and at play, in a whole new way.


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