A Guide For The Non-Perplexed

Engels | 07-04-2022 | 400 pages

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Contemporary life is defined by excess. We need a surplus to what we need to be able to truly enjoy what we have. ?i?ek's guide to surplus (and why it's enjoyable) argues that what is surplus to our needs is by its very nature unsubstantial and unnecessary. But, perversely, without this surplus, we wouldn't be able to enjoy what is substantial and necessary. Engaging with everything from The Joker to pop songs, Aquinas and the history of pandemics, ?i?ek claims that recognising our society of enjoyment for what it is can provide an explanation for the political impasses of today.


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    Uitgever :Van Ditmar Boekenimport B.V.
    Verschijningsdatum :  07-04-2022
    Formaat :Hardback
    Taal :Engels
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